DreamWall & KeyWall do respect your confidentiality. Please read all the details in this page.

If you need more information or if you have questions about the usage of your private data on our site, don not hesitate to reach us by email 

The collected data

A part of your IP address is kept when you visit our site.
Your IP address is transformed to become anonymous by erasing the last part of it.

Other details about the way you get to our sites are kept. We are talking about the name and version of your operating system, of your browser, the type of internet connection (landline, mobile…), the dimensions of your screen. These details cannot be used to identify you from the flow of our visitors.

Who gather these informations

The “anonimyzed” IP address and the details about your device are gathered by Google Analytics.

How are these informations gathered

At loading time, as well as during interaction (VideoWall page), one of our scripts sends informations into Google Analytics which saves them in order to be able to generate reports about our visitors (as an audience and not as individuals).

Why are these informations gathered

In order to analyze the global behavior of ours visitors while browsing our site, measure the popularity of specific pages and in order to enhance our site based on our observations.

How will these informations will be used

These informations will be used within Google Analytics in order to generate reports that we will consult.

With whom this information will be shared

The informations gathered by our site, by our own methods or via third party partners (Google Analytics) will not be shared to other partners or companies.


The informations on this page were updated on Friday, may 11th 2018

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